Aircraft Engineering Consultant (AEC) was formed to provides services to aviation industries in the following activities;
  • Development of JAR/EASA/ Part 21 Design Organization Approval Manual (DOM)
  • Development of JAR/FAR/EASA Part 145 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Exposition (MOE)
  •  Aircraft Acquisition : performance, regulations, import and export airworthiness approval.
  • Aircraft Registration with Malaysian DCA
  • Aircraft Airworthiness Approval with Malaysian DCA
  • Pre-audit and continuous surveillance of JAR/FAR/EASA Part 145 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organisation and     JAR/EASA/ Part 21 Design Organization.
  • Determine the possible root cause for an Aircraft Incident or Accident and provide expert report.
  • Preparation of technical reports and documents for customers.
  • Flying platform design and manufacturing
  • Aircraft kit-built design, manufacturing and assembly consultancy.
AEC owner and founder has more than 20 years experience in all areas of aviation industries from aircraft design, certification, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and airworthiness. He has been working for Airod Sdn. Bhd., Eagle Aircraft Pty. Ltd., Perth Australia, Airworthiness Sector of Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, and now holding Associate Professor position at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Campus MIAT (Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology).